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At, you choose from three different learning scenarios:

Online Face-to-Face Training

Online-Face-to-Face-Training - language learning solutions

Blended Learning

Blended Learning - language learning solutions

Online Video Courses

Online Video Courses - language learning solutions

We Are Driven by Your Success

During the online face-to-face training you meet your learning group and a qualified language coach once a week in a digital conference room – in the group, you improve your ability to talk freely and receive immediate feedback. Between the lessons, you practice at any time with the material provided by the coach..

The face-to-face courses in your company are a possibility to learn a new language through a variety of methods in a group. The coach uses videos by On your personal training platform, you deepen what you have learnt with more videos and numerous interactive exercises and tests.

With the online-only course, you learn in an especially flexible way. After the first login on, you can get started right away. Matching each video, you train what you have learnt with digital pronunciation and grammar exercises and practice with your interactive vocab coach. Interactive intermediate tests help you find out your current level of knowledge.

Lifelong Learning Is Our Passion.

You feel enthusiastic about well-trained and motivated employees. We feel enthusiastic about languages. Together, we develop and optimize your individual language learning concept! Our team of experts is looking forward to new challenges. - Award-Winning and Excellent Quality & Security