WATCH. LEARN. TALK. - Methodology

The video language courses by motivate you to learn efficiently. The individual steps during the learning process lead you quickly and reliably to the next language level.

Speaking comprehension in the video


Thanks to the unique video player and a great number of interesting original-language videos, you improve your speaking comprehension in almost no time. Verbatim subtitles (certified according to DIN EN 15038) and many efficient learning tools help you:

 Digital dictionary.

 Interactive vocab coach.

 Digital pronunciation coach. 

Look up vocabulary

Look up each word in the subtitles in the digital dictionary by clicking on it. Here, you get to know the different meanings, listen again to the pronunciation and add the words that are interesting to you to your individual vocab coach..

Integrated into each video.

 Online dictionary.

Anytime and anywhere.

Train vocabulary

Your personal vocab coach consists of vocabulary lists matching each video that are created by our editorial team and the words you have added individually. That way, you train exactly the knowledge you need.

Individual vocabulary.

Learn efficiently and in a motivated way.

Practice successfully, master quickly.

personal Vocabulary Trainer - methodology

Improve pronunciation

The digital pronunciation coach helps you improve your pronunciation in almost no time. You speak the sentences from the video into the microphone, your pronunciation is analyzed by the worldwide market-leading technology of speech recognition and you receive immediate feedback.

Confident in the foreign language.

Applicable at all time.

Exactly matching each video.

Interactive learning

Interactive grammar exercises matching each video help you improve what you have learnt. Digital self-tests show you your current level of knowledge. You receive immediate feedback and can check your learning progress in your activity calendar.

20% faster to success.

Matching each video.

Immediate Feedback.

understandig grammar - ebooks - methodology

Understand grammar

Each course features at least one e-book with five grammar topics for your reference. That way, you have the most important grammar topics always on hand - also in your online course.

Easy-to-understand explanations.

Always available.

Easy to call up.

Monitor learning success

With your personal activity calendar, you monitor your current stage of learning which helps you to increase your learning success even more effective and faster.




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