Language learning is going to be a completely new experience: papagei.com offers exciting original-language videos that have been turned into interactive language courses with videos, grammar exercises, pronunciation trainings, vocab coach and the digital dictionary. These tools help you to learn a language online and at any time.

The innovative video language courses by papagei.com cover a variety of business and private topics and are available for English and German as a foreign language. 

That way, you can perfectly integrate language learning into your professional and private routines.

Video Courses

Blended Learning

Language Coaches Blended learning: face-to-face course with live coach and video course - see papagei.com language learning solutions

Language Coaches

Learning independently in an online course - papagei.com language learning solutions

Innovative & Time-Proven – the papagei.com Learning Tools

10,650 interactive
language learning videos


Vocab Coach

100.963 digital
pronunciation exercises

30,806 interactive exercises

Interactive tests

Digital grammar features
for your reference

Individual monitoring
of learning progress

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"papagei.com is something different – watching videos is more fun than only reading my class book."

Monja, 13, pupil

"The interesting content by papagei.com help you learn a foreign language in a motivated way, anytime and anywhere."

Mercedes Benz, Turkey

"We found papagei.com very flexible when it comes to availability, highly reliable as well as pleasant and motivating in its way of language teaching."

Benjamin Waßmann, Airport Hannover

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